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Poker has been famously portrayed in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale as a game of deception played by high circles of society. The guidelines are simple, but vary widely determined by the circumstances of the game. Normally, it really is seen that the goal is to either get the highest hand (based on hand rankings) or to create the impression that the player has a the upper hand, causing the other players to fold. This area of bluffing makes the game very exciting to watch, and online gambling agency - http://www.allfoodexperts.com/members/nicholaaswlls Hollywood has used this many a time.<br> <br> <br> <br> The cards are ranked on a standard hierarchy. Straight flush is the highest (The one used by James Bond to win) and the rest being called four of a kind, flush, full house, three of a kind, straight, high cards, one pair and 2 pairs.<br> <br> <br> <br> So here's how to play poker. The players are dealt two cards, and three cards are kept on the center of the table. The play proceeds clockwise. The players can decide to call( match or raise the bet), check (This really is same as passing the opportunity to play) , raise (To increase the size of the bet so that you can stay in the game) or fold( Voluntarily give up the game, thereby forfeiting the possibility to win). The game continues until a winner emerges if everybody folds, or if you can find just two players left in the game. Within the latter case, a showdown is called for, by which case the players show their hands and also the highest hand wins.<br> <br> <br> <br> Bluffing is the act of raising a comparatively inferior hand, as well as a veteran bluffer can cause the additional players to fold and thereby win the pot. Bluffing and calling a bluff are taken very seriously within the poker community, and there are players who have mastered reading body language and use it to their advantage in poker. The very best players at Full Tilt are veterans at bluffing.